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Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE)April 16 and 17, 2024Wilrijk (Antwerp)(Belgium)Advanced€ 599 excl. VAT2 days


  • Mikrotik courses:
    • For to follow the courses MTCRE, MTCTCE, MTCWE, MTCUME, MTCIPv6E, MTCSWE, MTCINE, MTCSE, MTCEWE you need to have a valid MTCNA certification.
    • For to follow the course MTCINE you need to have a valid MTCRE certification.
  • All course days include lunch and beverages
  • You need to bring with you:
    • A laptop with at least an ethernet socket or dongle and WiFi for network connections.
    • A photo ID will be required to prove identity before taking the exam. Photo driving license, Passport & National photo ID cards can be used.

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