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Who we are

You will be working for a small but fast growing company. We, at SmartEye, love a ‘’go-getter’’ mentality. You will be able to take ownership and and do your work on a trial-and-error basis. We want to create an environment where we can be real, speak our mind and challenge each other. Playing darts at lunchtime and our monthly after work are part of our culture.

Your dream job as a network engineer

  • You will be implementing network and technical solutions for our customers – Think big and out-of-the-box
  • You will be responsible from A to Z for a project
  • Troubleshooting, documenting and developing is part of your daily routine
  • Monitoring our current network to keep customers happy and preventing problems
  • Providing technical support to our customers is your thing
  • Testing new technologies and implementing them (yes, during working hours)

Who you are

  • Network engineering is in your blood. You understand it and want to keep improving your knowledge
  • You have great analytical skills and think pragmatic
  • You speak DNS, DHCP, Wi-Fi, LAN and other terms our HR department doesn’t understand
  • Even better if you can add some routing and backbone knowledge
  • Linus tech tips is one of your favourite YouTube channels
  • Don’t forget, we also need you to spreek Nederlands et un peu de Français. Our customers aren’t always technical so you will need to be able to translate.
  • We will not be driving you around the country, you will need to have your driving licence (B).
  • You are living in Belgium, taking the plane or train for every client intervention would be too much

What we offer

Of course we offer an interesting package. Think about a competitive salary, meal vouchers, top notch health insurance, home office compensation, etc. (Yes there is more).

You will also be working with state-of-the-art IT equipment, for example think large screens to comfortably take you on this adventure.

What we do

SmartEye offers integrated solutions for fast and reliable connectivity in and around (smart) buildings. We connect standalone technologies and devices into one single ecosystem that can work together and learn from each other with continuous optimalisation as an outcome.

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