How can I connect my Wi-Fi printer, Chromebook, Chromecast, Airplay?

To be able to connect to our network, support from your device is required for the secured access method 802.1x or WPA2-Enterprise. The manufacturer of your device has not added the necessary support into your device. You can contact the supplier of your device for further support and to ask for a software update in order to give your device the support for 802.1x and/or WPA2-Enterprise.

This is why we officially do not offer support for this type of device with the student product.

For residential SmartEye and Studenten Internet Plus customers all this is possible as these products are built up in a technically different manner.

Connecting your own Wi-Fi printer, Airplay, Chromebook or Chromecast is not possible with student products due to further technical security reasons.

Our network is available throughout the entire building which would mean that other people could suddenly use your printer, Airplay or Chromecast if we did not have security measures built in. This is obviously not desirable.

You are able to connect your printer to your computer via USB in order to print.

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