Order extra volume

Table of Contents

Ordering #

  • You can order extra volume using My Dashboard.
  • To be able to order extra volume you need to have credits
  • Credits can be purchased with a minimum of 20 credits for €11 + transactiekost
  • You can order extra volume per GB for 1 credit / month
  • You will only use your extra volume once you surpass the included volume in your account.
  • The extra volume will expire at the end of the month you activated it.
    • Example: if you order extra volume op de 20th day, it will be available starting on the 20th and expire at the last day of the month
    • Important: Remaining credits will automatically be converted into extra volume until you deactivate the extra volume in My Dashboard!

Deactivate #

  • You can deactivate extra volume in My Dashboard.
  • Remove the extra volume before the end of the month. This way you avoid that the extra volume will also be activated for the next month
  • Upgrading to a different package? In case you have extra volume enabled it will automatically be disabled with the upgrade!
  • When you run out of credits the extra volume will automatically be deactivated.

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